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- EuroBeam change log 2018

Technical support

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Release 3.10c, 12 November 2018

  • Print jobs are now automatically assigned a name (following the latest Windows 10 update some printer drivers won't print jobs with no name).
  • The default steel grade for new projects be set in the User Setup dialog wasn't always followed - fixed
  • If either column length is left blank, it's now set to 1.0L (blank was previously interpreted as zero)
  • Various small technical changes and improvements to calculation presentation

Release 3.10b, 27 August 2018

  • Fixes bug introduced into 3.10a which effectively disables the Check Website for Updates option. This is the only change so if you are running 3.10a there's no problem for now. When the next release is made available we will send a direct download links to those running 3.10a.

Release 3.10a, 12 August 2018

  • IMPORTANT FIX FOR CHS COLUMNS: Releases 1.40a-3.05c calculate the moment on a CHS column by resolving the major and minor axis moments into one. However we incorrectly took the major axis moment only when calculating the ratio [2] for the column. This has now been fixed.
  • RC beam, connection and splice drawings are now optionally given a border (as determined by border width figure in beam diagram options dialog).
  • Connection and splice edit dialogs now add a checkbox at the end of the location field. If this is checked the location field contents, and for beam splices the splice positions, are printed at the top of the drawing.
  • AV error could be triggered on shutdown if splice drawing on display - fixed.
  • Program now attempts to fix missing help file if problem detected.
  • Sundry other small user interface and calculation presentational changes

Release 3.05c, 30 April 2018

  • An updated steel data file adds HE100 M, HE120 M and HE140 M sections
  • An additional option, Use alternate desc for HE/IPE secs, has been added to the Configuration, User Setup, Preferences page. If checked, section names are now shown on printouts as (say) HEA 240 rather than HE 240 A (the format used previously and in the 'Orange Book'). Stockholders appear to be using both.
  • Steel column baseplate check setting was lost on project save - fixed
  • Steel column calculation printout presentation enhanced
  • If you loaded a project with a lot of items (more than the tile all number), then immediately called the Project Summary option, you'd see incorrect data for any connections that had not been displayed - fixed
  • Import of standalone splices from another project wasn't handled - fixed
  • Beam calc export as RTF caused AV - fixed
  • Sundry other small user interface and calculation presentational changes

Release 3.05b, 31 January 2018

  • If a column's number was altered (move up, move down, cut item above etc), printing the calculation could return a garbage beam load diagram in place of the column load diagram - fixed
  • Wrong cantilever length could be shown for a true cantilever with RLs and/or VLs only - fixed
  • Flange plate splice moment resistance was shown as bolt group strength x D but was calculated as x (D-T) so answer didn't match printed expression. Expression now corrected, [correct] value unchanged
  • Connection/splice drawing border width is now entered as a value (in pixels) rather than yes/no checkbox (enter 0 for no border)
  • Selecting Show Analysis for a timber beam caused an AV error - fixed
  • RC beam analysis has been improved with note showing column head symbol meanings
  • Data entry grids (beam loads, column loads, page heading etc) now use current theme colours
  • Further small UI improvements

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